929 Chapters

Hello and welcome to 929 Chapters, my ongoing and continuously updated Bible Study website. When complete, each of the 929 Chapters of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament will have its own page with a summary, an outline, a few select verses, and either a written comment or a YouTube video. There are also a number of helpful Bible Links to help you study on your own.

If you are interested in taking a live online class with me, check out the Institute of Biblical Culture, which I founded and direct.

I hope you enjoy.


David Z. Moster, PhD, Rabbi

The Pentateuch (תורה)

Exodus (שמות)

Leviticus (ויקרא)

Numbers (במדבר)

Deuteronomy (דברים)

The Prophets (נביאים)

The Twelve Minor Prophets (תרי עשר)

The Writings (כתובים)

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