Psalm 147 – “Hymn”

snowlikefleeceHebrew-English Text

I. Summary
Psalm 147 is a hymn which praises God for being the creator, controller, and sustainer of the world. It also praises God for helping Israel, watching over Jerusalem, and teaching Israel His commandments and statutes.

II. Photo
The psalmist praises God’s control of nature: “He sends forth His word to the earth; His command runs swiftly. He lays down snow like fleece.” (vv. 15-16)
III. Important Verses
v. 3: He heals their broken hearts, and binds up their wounds.
v. 4: He reckoned the number of the stars; to each He gave its name.
v. 11: the LORD takes pleasure in those who fear Him, those who depend on His faithful care.
vv. 16-17: He lays down snow like fleece, scatters frost like ashes. He tosses down hail like crumbs — who can endure His icy cold?

IV. Outline
1. Superscription, call to praise
2-6. Hymnic praise
7. Summons to give thanks
8-9. Hymnic praise
10-11. Wisdom statement
12. Summons for Jerusalem to praise
13-14. Hymnic rationale
15-20b. Hymnic praise
20c. Postscript

V. Comment

To be added at a later date.