Song of Songs 5 – “Love Lost”


Hebrew-English Text
I. Summary
The woman expects to unite with her lover, but he is nowhere to be found. She then describes his physical characteristics to her friends.

II. Photo
The woman describes her lover in v. 15: “His legs are like marble pillars…”

III. Important Verses
v. 1: I have come to my garden, My own, my bride; I have plucked my myrrh and spice, Eaten my honey and honeycomb, Drunk my wine and my milk. Eat, lovers, and drink: Drink deep of love!
vv. 5-6: I rose to let in my beloved; My hands dripped myrrh — My fingers, flowing myrrh — Upon the handles of the bolt. I opened the door for my beloved, But my beloved had turned and gone. I was faint because of what he said. I sought, but found him not; I called, but he did not answer.
v. 8: I adjure you, O maidens of Jerusalem! If you meet my beloved, tell him this: That I am faint with love.
vv. 9-10: How is your beloved better than another, O fairest of women? How is your beloved better than another That you adjure us so? My beloved is clear-skinned and ruddy, Preeminent among ten thousand.

IV. Outline
1a. The man unites with the woman
1b. Exhortation for others to enjoy love
2-7. The woman loses her lover
8. Adjuration to friends
9. Friends request a description of the lover
10-16. The woman describes her lover’s body (complexion, head, hair, eyes, cheeks, lips, arms, torso, legs, mouth)

V. Comment
No comment today. I hope to revisit this chapter at the end of the cycle. Stay tuned.

VI. Works Used
(see “Commentaries” page)
Murphy, Wisdom Literature (Forms of Old Testament Literature)
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