Lamentations 1 – “Jerusalem: The Forsaken City”

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I. Summary
Chapter 1 is an acrostic lament. A narrator describes Jerusalem’s abandonment, and personified Jerusalem laments her miserable state.

II. Photo
Jerusalem speaks in v. 16: “For these things do I weep, My eyes flow with tears: Far from me is any comforter Who might revive my spirit; My children are forlorn, For the foe has prevailed.”

III. Important Verses
v. 4: Zion’s roads are in mourning, Empty of festival pilgrims; All her gates are deserted. Her priests sigh, Her maidens are unhappy — She is utterly disconsolate!
v. 5: Her enemies are now the masters, Her foes are at ease, Because the LORD has afflicted her For her many transgressions; Her infants have gone into captivity Before the enemy.
v. 8: Jerusalem has greatly sinned, Therefore she is become a mockery. All who admired her despise her, For they have seen her disgraced; And she can only sigh And shrink back.
v. 18: The LORD is in the right, For I have disobeyed Him. Hear, all you peoples, And behold my agony: My maidens and my youths Have gone into captivity!

IV. Outline
1-11. Jerusalem’s pitiful state
12-22. Jerusalem’s individual lament

V. Comment
No comment today. I hope to revisit this chapter at the end of the cycle. Stay tuned.

VI. Works Used
(see “Commentaries” page)
Gerstenberger, Psalms Part 2 and Lamentations (Forms of Old Testament Literature)

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