Lamentations 2 – “God’s Wrath”

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I. Summary
Lamentations 2 is an acrostic lament. The narrator describes Jerusalem’s frightful state and urges its inhabitants to turn to God.

II. Photo
God’s anger is described in v. 4: “He poured out His wrath like fire In the Tent of Fair Zion.”

III. Important Verses
v. 5: The Lord has acted like a foe, He has laid waste Israel, Laid waste all her citadels, Destroyed her strongholds. He has increased within Fair Judah Mourning and moaning.
v. 9: Her gates have sunk into the ground, He has smashed her bars to bits; Her king and her leaders are in exile, Instruction is no more; Her prophets, too, receive No vision from the LORD.
vv. 15-16: All who pass your way Clap their hands at you; They hiss and wag their head At Fair Jerusalem: “Is this the city that was called Perfect in Beauty, Joy of All the Earth?” All your enemies Jeer at you; They hiss and gnash their teeth, And cry: “We’ve ruined her! Ah, this is the day we hoped for; We have lived to see it!”
vv. 19-20: Arise, cry out in the night At the beginning of the watches, Pour out your heart like water In the presence of the Lord! Lift up your hands to Him For the life of your infants, Who faint for hunger At every street corner, See, O LORD, and behold, To whom You have done this! Alas, women eat their own fruit, Their new-born babes! Alas, priest and prophet are slain In the Sanctuary of the Lord!

IV. Outline
1-16. Misery described
17-19. Admonitions
20-22. Plea and lament

V. Comment
No comment today. I hope to revisit this chapter at the end of the cycle. Stay tuned.

VI. Works Used
(see “Commentaries” page)
Gerstenberger, Psalms Part 2 and Lamentations (Forms of Old Testament Literature)
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