2 Chronicles 21 – “Jehoram’s Unfavorable Reign”

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I. Summary
Jehoshaphat dies and is replaced by his eldest son Jehoram. Elijah scolds the new king for killing his own siblings and for worshipping idolatry. Jehoram’s enemies conquer Jerusalem and God punishes him with a fatal bowel disease.

II. Photo
Jehoram rules violently: “Jehoram proceeded to take firm hold of his father’s kingdom and put to the sword all his brothers, as well as some of the officers of Israel.” (v. 4)

III. Important Verses
v. 4: Jehoram proceeded to take firm hold of his father’s kingdom and put to the sword all his brothers, as well as some of the officers of Israel.
vv. 6-7: He followed the practices of the kings of Israel doing what the House of Ahab had done, for he married a daughter of Ahab; he did what was displeasing to the LORD. However, the LORD refrained from destroying the House of David for the sake of the covenant he had made with David, and in accordance with his promise to maintain a lamp for him and his descendants for all time.
v. 8: During his reign, the Edomites rebelled against Judah’s rule and set up a king of their own.
v. 11: Moreover, [Jehoram] built shrines in the hill country of Judah; he led astray the inhabitants of Jerusalem and made Judah wayward.
vv. 16-17: The LORD stirred up the spirit of the Philistines and the Arabs who were neighbors of the Cushites against Jehoram. They marched against Judah, breached its defenses, and carried off all the property that was found in the king’s palace, as well as his sons and his wives. The only son who remained was Jehoahaz, his youngest.
vv. 18-19: After this, the LORD afflicted him with an incurable disease of the bowels. Some years later, when a period of two years had elapsed, his bowels dropped out because of his disease, and he died a gruesome death. His people did not make a fire for him like the fire for his fathers.

IV. Outline
1. Jehoshaphat dies; Jehoram becomes king
2-3. Jehoshaphat’s other children are given wealth and cities to govern
4-6. Jehoram kills his kin, marries a daughter of Ahab, and angers God
7. God chooses not to destroy Jehoram’s kingdom
8-10. The Edomites rebel
11. Jehoram practices idolatry
12-15. Elijah’s rebuke and prophecy
16-17. Philistines and Arabs loot Jerusalem
18-19a. God afflicts Jehoram with a bowel disease and he dies
19b-20. Regnal resume; Disgraceful death

V. Comment
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VI. Works Used
(see “Commentaries” page)
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