1 Samuel 29 – “David is Sent Home”

Hebrew-English Text
I. Summary
The Philistines, with David in their ranks, prepare to attack the Israelites. David’s loyalty is questioned and he is sent home.

II. Photo
David is sent home: “Achish summoned David and said to him, ‘As the Lord lives, you are an honest man, and I would like to have you serve in my forces; for I have found no fault with you from the day you joined me until now. But you are not acceptable to the other lords. So go back in peace, and do nothing to displease the Philistine lords.’” (vv. 6-7)

III. Important Verses
3-5: The Philistine officers asked, “Who are those Hebrews?” “Why, that’s David, the servant of King Saul of Israel,” Achish answered the Philistine officers. “He has been with me for a year or more, and I have found no fault in him from the day he defected until now.” But the Philistine officers were angry with him; and the Philistine officers said to him, “Send the man back; let him go back to the place you assigned him. He shall not march down with us to the battle, or else he may become our adversary in battle. For with what could that fellow appease his master if not with the heads of these men? Remember, he is the David of whom they sang as they danced: Saul has slain his thousands; David, his tens of thousands.”
8-9: David, however, said to Achish, “But what have I done, what fault have you found in your servant from the day I appeared before you to this day, that I should not go and fight against the enemies of my lord the king?” Achish replied to David, “I know; you are as acceptable to me as an angel of God. But the Philistine officers have decided that you must not march out with us to the battle.

IV. Outline
1-2. The Philistines advance
3-5. The Philistine lords try to exclude David from the battle
6-10. Achish speaks with David
11. David returns home

V. Comment
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