1 Kings 7 – “Solomon’s Palace; Hiram Designs the Temple Vessels”

Hebrew-English Text
I. Summary
Solomon builds his palace. He hires Hiram of Tyre to design the temple’s vessels and deposits David’s money into the treasury.

II. Photo
Hiram builds two columns: “He set up the columns at the portico of the Great Hall; he set up one column on the right and named it Jachin, and he set up the other column on the left and named it Boaz.” (v. 21)

III. Important Verses

1: And it took Solomon thirteen years to build his palace, until his whole palace was completed.
7: He made the throne portico, where he was to pronounce judgment — the Hall of Judgment. It was paneled with cedar from floor to floor.
8: The house that he used as a residence, in the rear courtyard, back of the portico, was of the same construction. Solomon also constructed a palace like that portico for the daughter of Pharaoh, whom he had married.
13-14: King Solomon sent for Hiram and brought him down from Tyre. He was the son of a widow of the tribe of Naphtali, and his father had been a Tyrian, a coppersmith. He was endowed with skill, ability, and talent for executing all work in bronze. He came to King Solomon and executed all his work.
21: He set up the columns at the portico of the Great Hall; he set up one column on the right and named it Jachin, and he set up the other column on the left and named it Boaz.
23: Then he made the tank of cast metal, 10 cubits across from brim to brim, completely round; it was 5 cubits high, and it measured 30 cubits in circumference.
45b-47: All those vessels in the House of the LORD that Hiram made for King Solomon were of burnished bronze. The king had them cast in earthen molds, in the plain of the Jordan between Succoth and Zarethan. Solomon left all the vessels [unweighed] because of their very great quantity; the weight of the bronze was not reckoned.
48-50: And Solomon made all the furnishings that were in the House of the LORD: the altar, of gold; the table for the bread of display, of gold; the lampstands — five on the right side and five on the left — in front of the Shrine, of solid gold; and the petals, lamps, and tongs, of gold; the basins, snuffers, sprinkling bowls, ladles, and fire pans, of solid gold; and the hinge sockets for the doors of the innermost part of the House, the Holy of Holies, and for the doors of the Great Hall of the House, of gold.
51: When all the work that King Solomon had done in the House of the LORD was completed, Solomon brought in the sacred donations of his father David — the silver, the gold, and the vessels — and deposited them in the treasury of the House of the LORD.

IV. Outline

1. Solomon builds his palace in 13 years
2-8. The structures are built with cedar
9-12. Hewn stones cover the cedar
13-47. Hiram’s work
    13-14. Introduction
    15-22. Jachin and Boaz
    23-26. The “sea”
    27-39. The lavers
    40a. Smaller vessels
    30b-47. Summary statement
48-50. Solomon makes the other vessels
51. David’s donations are placed in the treasury

V. Comment
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