2 Kings 7 – “The Israelites Plunder the Aramean Camp”

Hebrew-English Text
I. Summary
God frightens the Arameans, they abandon their camp, and the Israelites enjoy the booty. An Israelite is killed for questioning Elisha’s predictions.

II. Photo
The famine comes to an end: “The people then went out and plundered the Aramean camp. So a seah of choice flour sold for a shekel, and two seahs of barley for a shekel — as the Lord had spoken.” (v. 16)

III. Important Verses
1-2: And Elisha replied, “Hear the word of the LORD. Thus said the LORD: This time tomorrow, a seah of choice flour shall sell for a shekel at the gate of Samaria, and two seahs of barley for a shekel.” The aide on whose arm the king was leaning spoke up and said to the man of God, “Even if the LORD were to make windows in the sky, could this come to pass?” And he retorted, “You shall see it with your own eyes, but you shall not eat of it.”
5-7: They set out at twilight for the Aramean camp; but when they came to the edge of the Aramean camp, there was no one there. For the LORD had caused the Aramean camp to hear a sound of chariots, a sound of horses — the din of a huge army. They said to one another, “The king of Israel must have hired the kings of the Hittites and the kings of Mizraim to attack us!” And they fled headlong in the twilight, abandoning their tents and horses and asses — the [entire] camp just as it was — as they fled for their lives.
14-16: They took two teams of horses and the king sent them after the Aramean army, saying, “Go and find out.” They followed them as far as the Jordan, and found the entire road full of clothing and gear which the Arameans had thrown away in their haste; and the messengers returned and told the king. The people then went out and plundered the Aramean camp. So a seah of choice flour sold for a shekel, and two seahs of barley for a shekel — as the LORD had spoken
17: Now the king had put the aide on whose arm he leaned in charge of the gate; and he was trampled to death in the gate by the people — just as the man of God had spoken, as he had spoken when the king came down to him.

IV. Outline
1. Elisha predicts a precipitous wealth
2. The king’s messenger is in disbelief
3-5. A group of lepers find the Aramean camp abandoned
6-7. Explanation: God frightened the men
8-10. The lepers inform the gatekeepers
11-13. The king is circumspect
14-15. The truth is found out
16. Elisha’s prophecy comes true
17-20. The messenger is killed, just as Elisha had predicted

V. Comment
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