2 Kings 8 – “Elisha’s Predictions; The Reigns of Joram and Ahaziah”

Hebrew-English Text
I. Summary
Elisha predicts seven years of famine, the death of Ben-hadad, and the cruel reign of Hazael king of Aram. The reigns of Joram and Ahaziah, both kings of Judah, are described.

II. Photo
Ben-hadad sends lavish gifts to Elisha: “Hazael went to meet him, taking with him as a gift forty camel-loads of all the bounty of Damascus.” (v. 9)

III. Important Verses
1-2: Elisha had said to the woman whose son he revived, “Leave immediately with your family and go sojourn somewhere else; for the LORD has decreed a seven-year famine upon the land, and it has already begun.” The woman had done as the man of God had spoken; she left with her family and sojourned in the land of the Philistines for seven years.
4: Now the king was talking to Gehazi, the servant of the man of God, and he said, “Tell me all the wonderful things that Elisha has done.”
7-9: Elisha arrived in Damascus at a time when King Ben-hadad of Aram was ill. The king was told, “The man of God is on his way here,” and he said to Hazael, “Take a gift with you and go meet the man of God, and through him inquire of the LORD: Will I recover from this illness?” Hazael went to meet him, taking with him as a gift forty camel-loads of all the bounty of Damascus. He came and stood before him and said, “Your son, King Ben-hadad of Aram, has sent me to you to ask: Will I recover from this illness?”
11-12: The man of God kept his face expressionless for a long time; and then he wept.  “Why does my lord weep?” asked Hazael. “Because I know,” he replied, “what harm you will do to the Israelite people: you will set their fortresses on fire, put their young men to the sword, dash their little ones in pieces, and rip open their pregnant women.”
15: The next day, [Hazael] took a piece of netting, dipped it in water, and spread it over his face. So [Ben-hadad] died, and Hazael succeeded him as king.
18-19: [Joram] followed the practices of the kings of Israel — whatever the House of Ahab did, for he had married a daughter of Ahab — and he did what was displeasing to the LORD. However, the LORD refrained from destroying Judah, for the sake of His servant David, in accordance with His promise to maintain a lamp for his descendants for all time.
21-22: Joram crossed over to Zair with all his chariotry. He arose by night and attacked the Edomites, who were surrounding him and the chariot commanders; but his troops fled to their homes. Thus Edom fell away from Judah, as is still the case. Libnah likewise fell away at that time.

IV. Outline

1-6. Elisha helps his supporter
    1. Elisha warns his supporter of an impending famine
    2. She and her family flee to Philistia
    3-6. The king, who was being told her story, helps her reclaim her farm
7-15. Elisha meets with Hazael, future king of Aram
    7-8. Ben-hadad is ill and is told that Elisha is in Damascus
    9-10. Elisha tells Hazael what to tell Ben-hadad
    11-13. Elisha tells Hazael that he will depredate the Israelites
    14-16. Hazael returns to Ben-hadad and succeeds him as the next king
16-24. Joram king of Judah
    16-17. Introductory statement
    18. Joram marries Ahab’s daughter and angers God
    19. God shows mercy for David’s sake
    20. The Edomites secede
    21-22. The Edomites are victorious and become independent
    23-24. Summary statement
25-29. Ahaziah king of Judah
    25-26. Introductory statement
    27. Ahaziah’s sins
    28-29. Ahaziah and Joram are defeated by Hazael

V. Comment
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