Ezekiel 10 – “The Cherubs Under God’s Chariot”

Hebrew-English Text
I. Summary
Ezekiel describes the cherubs that ride beneath God’s chariot.

II. Photo
The cherubs are the possessors of God’s fire: “And a cherub stretched out his hand… [and] took some and put it into the hands of him who was clothed in linen, who took it and went out.” (v. 7)

III. Important Verses
1-2:  I looked, and on the expanse over the heads of the cherubs, there was something like a sapphire stone; an appearance resembling a throne could be seen over them. He spoke to the man clothed in linen and said, “Step inside the wheelwork, under the cherubs, and fill your hands with glowing coals from among the cherubs, and scatter them over the city.” And he went in as I looked on.
6-7: When He commanded the man dressed in linen: “Take fire from among the cherubs within the wheelwork,” he went in and stood beside a wheel. And a cherub stretched out his hand among the cherubs to the fire that was among the cherubs; he took some and put it into the hands of him who was clothed in linen, who took it and went out.
21-22: Each one had four faces and each had four wings, with the form of human hands under the wings. As for the form of their faces, they were the very faces that I had seen by the Chebar Canal — their appearance and their features — and each could move in the direction of any of its faces.

IV. Outline
1. Description of God’s throne
2. God orders one of the men to take coals to the city
3-4. The temple fills with God’s presence
5-7. The cherubs give coals to the man
8-17. Ezekiel describes the cherubs and the wheels of God’s chariot
18-22. God leaves and the cherubs follow

V. Comment
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VI. Works Used
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