Ezekiel 28 – “Rebuke for the Prince of Tyre; A Lament for Tyre; Doom for Sidon; God’s Vow to the Israelites”

Hebrew-English Text
I. Summary
God reprimands the prince of Tyre, laments the fall of that city, promises to destroy Sidon, and vows to return Israel to its land.

II. Photo
Tyre once enjoyed an abundance of riches: “Every precious stone was your adornment: Carnelian, chrysolite, and amethyst; Beryl, lapis lazuli, and jasper; Sapphire, turquoise, and emerald.” (v. 13)

III. Important Verses
2, 7-9: O mortal, say to the prince of Tyre: Thus said the Lord GOD: Because you have been so haughty and have said, “I am a god; I sit enthroned like a god in the heart of the seas,” whereas you are not a god but a man, though you deemed your mind equal to a god’s… I swear I will bring against you Strangers, the most ruthless of nations. They shall unsheathe their swords Against your prized shrewdness, And they shall strike down your splendor. They shall bring you down to the Pit; In the heart of the sea you shall die The death of the slain. Will you still say, “I am a god” Before your slayers, When you are proved a man, not a god, At the hands of those who strike you down?
13: You were in Eden, the garden of God; Every precious stone was your adornment: Carnelian, chrysolite, and amethyst; Beryl, lapis lazuli, and jasper; Sapphire, turquoise, and emerald; And gold beautifully wrought for you, Mined for you, prepared the day you were created.
15: You were blameless in your ways, From the day you were created Until wrongdoing was found in you.
19: All who knew you among the peoples Are appalled at your doom. You have become a horror And have ceased to be forever.
25-26: Thus said the Lord GOD: When I have gathered the House of Israel from the peoples among which they have been dispersed, and have shown Myself holy through them in the sight of the nations, they shall settle on their own soil, which I gave to My servant Jacob, and they shall dwell on it in security. They shall build houses and plant vineyards, and shall dwell on it in security, when I have meted out punishment to all those about them who despise them. And they shall know that I the LORD am their God.

IV. Outline

1-10. Oracle #1
    1-2a. Introduction
    2b. The prince of Tyre compared himself to God
    3-5. The prince’s wisdom has brought him great wealth
    6-10. The prince’s mortality will be proven when foreigners kill him
11-19. Oracle #2
    10-12a. Introduction
    12b-. Lament for Tyre
        12b. Tyre’s perfection
        13. The precious stones of Tyre
        14. Tyre was like a cherub
        15. Tyre was blameless
        16. Tyre’s lawlessness and punishment
        17. Tyre’s pride led to its downfall
        18. God burned Tyre for its thievery
        19. Tyre has become a byword for destruction
20-24. Oracle #3
    20-22a. Intro
    22b-23. God will wreak havoc upon the city of Sidon
    24. Israel will benefit from Tyre’s downfall
25-26. Oracle #4
    25-26. God will let Israel prosper in its land

V. Comment
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Photo taken from http://lilacjewelry.com/images/semi-precious.jpg