Psalm 111 – “Acrostic Hymn”

Hebrew-English Text
I. Summary
The psalmist praises and gives thanks to god in an alphabetic acrostic.

II. Photo
The psalmist speaks about early education: “The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord; all who practice it gain sound understanding.” (v. 10)

III. Select Verses    
2-4a: The works of the LORD are great, within reach of all who desire them. His deeds are splendid and glorious; His beneficence is everlasting; He has won renown for His wonders.
4b-5a: The LORD is gracious and compassionate; He gives food to those who fear Him.
9: He sent redemption to His people; He ordained His covenant for all time; His name is holy and awesome.
10: The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the LORD; all who practice it gain sound understanding. Praise of Him is everlasting.

IV. Outline
1a. Superscription
1b. Declaration of praise
2-9. Hymnic praise and thanksgiving
10. Motivation

V. Comment
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VI. Works Used
(see “Commentaries” page)
Gerstenberger, Erhard. Psalms Part 2 and Lamentations (Forms of Old Testament Literature; Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2001).
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