Micah 4 – “A Prophecy for World Peace and Jerusalem”

childbirth labor painHebrew-English Text

I. Summary

The people and monarchy will return to Jerusalem and the nations will gather there for prosperity and peace. Jerusalem’s inhabitants will suffer in Babylon but will return victorious.

II. Photo

The pain of exile is necessary: “Writhe and scream, fair Zion, like a woman in travail! For now you must leave the city and dwell in the country — and you will reach Babylon. There you shall be saved, there the LORD will redeem you from the hands of your foes.” (v. 10)

III. Select Verses

1-2: In the days to come, The Mount of the LORD’s House shall stand Firm above the mountains; And it shall tower above the hills. The peoples shall gaze on it with joy,  And the many nations shall go and shall say: “Come, Let us go up to the Mount of the LORD, To the House of the God of Jacob; That He may instruct us in His ways, And that we may walk in His paths.” For instruction shall come forth from Zion, The word of the LORD from Jerusalem.

3: Thus He will judge among the many peoples, And arbitrate for the multitude of nations, However distant; And they shall beat their swords into plowshares And their spears into pruning hooks. Nation shall not take up Sword against nation; They shall never again know war.

8: And you, O Migdal-eder, Outpost of Fair Zion, It shall come to you: The former monarchy shall return — The kingship of Fair Jerusalem.

10: Writhe and scream, Fair Zion, Like a woman in travail! For now you must leave the city And dwell in the country — And you will reach Babylon. There you shall be saved, There the LORD will redeem you From the hands of your foes.

11-13: Indeed, many nations Have assembled against you Who think, “Let our eye Obscenely gaze on Zion.”  But they do not know The design of the LORD, They do not divine His intent: He has gathered them Like cut grain to the threshing floor.  Up and thresh, Fair Zion! For I will give you horns of iron And provide you with hoofs of bronze, And you will crush the many peoples. You will devote their riches to the LORD, Their wealth to the Lord of all the earth.

IV. Outline

1a. The future temple in Jerusalem

1b-2. The nations will come to learn

3. Peace amongst the nations

4. Peace and prosperity for individuals

5. Each nation has its own god

6-8. The people and monarchy will return to Jerusalem

9-10. Pain and redemption in Babylon

11-14. Jerusalem’s conquerors will provide the city with its future riches

V. Comment

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VI. Works Used

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