Joshua 6 – “Jericho is Destroyed”

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I. Summary

Joshua carries out Yahweh’s plan and destroys the city of Jericho.


II. Photo

Jericho is destroyed: “[The Israelites] exterminated everything in the city with the sword: man and woman, young and old, ox and sheep and ass.” (v. 21)


III. Select Verses

2-5: The LORD said to Joshua, “See, I will deliver Jericho and her king [and her] warriors into your hands. Let all your troops march around the city and complete one circuit of the city. Do this six days, with seven priests carrying seven ram’s horns preceding the Ark. On the seventh day, march around the city seven times, with the priests blowing the horns. And when a long blast is sounded on the horn — as soon as you hear that sound of the horn — all the people shall give a mighty shout. Thereupon the city wall will collapse, and the people shall advance, every man straight ahead.”

20-21: So the people shouted when the horns were sounded. When the people heard the sound of the horns, the people raised a mighty shout and the wall collapsed. The people rushed into the city, every man straight in front of him, and they captured the city. They exterminated everything in the city with the sword: man and woman, young and old, ox and sheep and ass.

25: Only Rahab the harlot and her father’s family were spared by Joshua, along with all that belonged to her, and she dwelt among the Israelites — as is still the case. For she had hidden the messengers that Joshua sent to spy out Jericho.

26: At that time Joshua pronounced this oath: “Cursed of the LORD be the man who shall undertake to fortify this city of Jericho: he shall lay its foundations at the cost of his first-born, and set up its gates at the cost of his youngest.”

27: The LORD was with Joshua, and his fame spread throughout the land.


IV. Outline

1. Introduction: Jericho is fortified

2-5. Yahweh tells Joshua the plan

6-7. Joshua relates the plan

8-9. The ark advances with priests, shofars, and guards

10. Joshua instructs the nation for the proper attack

11. The first day of circling Jericho

12-14. The next five days of circling Jericho

15. The city is circled seven times on the seventh day

16-19. Joshua orders the attack; all items are to be put to the herem-ban; Rahab is to be saved

20. The wall of Jericho falls

21. All the city’s inhabitants are killed

22-23. Rahab’s family is saved

24. Precious metals are donated to Yahweh, all else is burned

25. Rahab joins the Israelites

26. Joshua curses any future builder of Jericho

27. Joshua’s fame spreads


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VI. Works Used

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