Zephaniah 3 – “Punishment for Jerusalem; Salvation Song”

AM.0072-28Hebrew-English Text

I. Summary

Jerusalem will be punished for its sins on the day of Yahweh’s judgment. The people should rejoice because Yahweh will bring salvation to the city.

II. Photo

Jerusalem has become corrupt: “Her judges are wolves of the steppe, They leave no bone until morning.” (v. 3)

III. Select Verses

3-4: The officials within her Are roaring lions; Her judges are wolves of the steppe, They leave no bone until morning. Her prophets are reckless, Faithless fellows; Her priests profane what is holy, They give perverse rulings.

6-7: I wiped out nations: Their corner towers are desolate; I turned their thoroughfares into ruins, With none passing by; Their towns lie waste without people, Without inhabitants.  And I thought that she would fear Me, Would learn a lesson, And that the punishment I brought on them Would not be lost on her. Instead, all the more eagerly They have practiced corruption in all their deeds.

13: But I will leave within you A poor, humble folk, And they shall find refuge In the name of the LORD.

14-15: Shout for joy, Fair Zion, Cry aloud, O Israel! Rejoice and be glad with all your heart, Fair Jerusalem!  The LORD has annulled the judgment against you, He has swept away your foes. Israel’s Sovereign the LORD is within you; You need fear misfortune no more.

IV. Outline

1-13. Punishment for Jerusalem

    1-4. Jerusalem (see vv. 11, 14) has been disobedient

    5. YHWH is righteous

    6-7. YHWH has destroyed nations but Jerusalem still rebels

    8-10. All people will worship YHWH on his day of doom

    11-13. Only the humble will survive

14-20. Salvation song

    14. Call to praise

    15. Rationale: future salvation

    16-17a. Future quote

    17b-18. Rationale: future salvation

    19a. Punishment for enemies

    19b-20. The disgraced ones will be renowned


V. Comment

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VI. Works Used

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