Jeremiah 12 – “Imprecation of Enemies; Destruction and Restoration”

abandoned boarded up houseHebrew-English Text

I. Summary

Jeremiah asks Yahweh to destroy his enemies. Yahweh vows to abandon the people but promises to return if they follow in his ways.

II. Photo

Yahweh gives up on the temple: “I have abandoned my house, I have deserted my possession” (v. 7)

III. Select Verses

4: How long must the land languish, And the grass of all the countryside dry up? Must beasts and birds perish, Because of the evil of its inhabitants, Who say, “He will not look upon our future”?

6: For even your kinsmen and your father’s house, Even they are treacherous toward you, They cry after you as a mob. Do not believe them When they speak cordially to you.

7: I have abandoned My House, I have deserted My possession, I have given over My dearly beloved Into the hands of her enemies.

13: Be shamed, then, by your harvest — By the blazing wrath of the LORD!

14-15: Thus said the LORD: As for My wicked neighbors who encroach on the heritage that I gave to My people Israel — I am going to uproot them from their soil, and I will uproot the House of Judah out of the midst of them.  Then, after I have uprooted them, I will take them back into favor, and restore them each to his own inheritance and his own land.

IV. Outline

1-6. Jeremiah’s psalm-like lament (continued)

    1-2. Complaint: Yahweh has allowed the evil to prosper

    3a. Affirmation of loyalty

    3b. Imprecation of enemies

    4. Complaint: the land is dry

    5-6. Complaint: Even family members are disloyal

7-13. Oracle #1

    7. Yahweh has abandoned the temple

    8-9. The people have rebelled

    10-12. The land has been destroyed

    13. The people should be ashamed

14-17. Oracle #2

    14-15. Israel and its conquerors will be returned home

    16. Allegiance will lead to greatness

    17. Disobedience leads to destruction


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VI. Works Used

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