Isaiah 45 – “God’s Address to Cyrus; God Praises Himself”

Hebrew-English Text
I. Summary
God promises to protect Cyrus, praises himself, and urges the idol worshipers to turn to him.

II. Photo
God will protect Cyrus: “I will march before you and level the hills that loom up; I will shatter doors of bronze and cut down iron bars.” (v. 2)

III. Important Verses
1-4: Thus said the LORD to Cyrus, His anointed one — Whose right hand He has grasped, Treading down nations before him, Ungirding the loins of kings, Opening doors before him And letting no gate stay shut: I will march before you And level the hills that loom up; I will shatter doors of bronze And cut down iron bars. I will give you treasures concealed in the dark And secret hoards — So that you may know that it is I the LORD, The God of Israel, who call you by name.  For the sake of My servant Jacob, Israel My chosen one, I call you by name, I hail you by title, though you have not known Me.
9-11: Shame on him who argues with his Maker, Though naught but a potsherd of earth! Shall the clay say to the potter, “What are you doing? Your work has no handles”?  Shame on him who asks his father, “What are you begetting?” Or a woman, “What are you bearing?” Thus said the LORD, Israel’s Holy One and Maker: Will you question Me on the destiny of My children, Will you instruct Me about the work of My hands?
22-25: Turn to Me and gain success, All the ends of earth! For I am God, and there is none else. By Myself have I sworn, From My mouth has issued truth, A word that shall not turn back: To Me every knee shall bend, Every tongue swear loyalty. They shall say: “Only through the LORD Can I find victory and might. When people trust in Him, All their adversaries are put to shame. It is through the LORD that all the offspring of Israel Have vindication and glory.”

IV. Outline
1-3. God will grant Cyrus success
4. God favors Cyrus on behalf of Israel
5-7. God is above all things
8. Call to praise
9-13. God has a master plan
14-17. Israel will conquer its enemies and they will praise God
18-19. God reveals himself as the creator
20-25. God urges the nations to turn to him

V. Comment
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VI. Works Used
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