Isaiah 52 – “Prophetic Jubilation; God’s Prosperous Servant”

Hebrew-English Text
I. Summary
Jerusalem will be redeemed and God’s servant will prosper.

II. Photo
The prophet addresses Jerusalem: “Awake, awake, O Zion! Clothe yourself in splendor; Put on your robes of majesty, Jerusalem, holy city!” (v. 1a)

III. Important Verses
1-2: Awake, awake, O Zion! Clothe yourself in splendor; Put on your robes of majesty, Jerusalem, holy city! For the uncircumcised and the unclean Shall never enter you again. Arise, shake off the dust, Sit [on your throne], Jerusalem! Loose the bonds from your neck, O captive one, Fair Zion!
7: How welcome on the mountain Are the footsteps of the herald Announcing happiness, Heralding good fortune, Announcing victory, Telling Zion, “Your God is King!”
11: Turn, turn away, touch naught unclean As you depart from there; Keep pure, as you go forth from there, You who bear the vessels of the LORD!
13-15:  “Indeed, My servant shall prosper, Be exalted and raised to great heights. Just as the many were appalled at him — So marred was his appearance, unlike that of man, His form, beyond human semblance — Just so he shall startle many nations. Kings shall be silenced because of him, For they shall see what has not been told them, Shall behold what they never have heard.”

IV. Outline
1-2. Exhortation: Jerusalem should rise to glory
3-6. Oracle: God will redeem Israel so that they can learn his name
7-8. Accounts of rejoicing
9-10. Call to praise: God will redeem Jerusalem
11-12. Exhortation: keep the temple vessels clean
13-15. God’s servant will prosper

V. Comment
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VI. Works Used
(see “Commentaries” page)
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