Jeremiah 5 – “Yahweh Does Not Forgive”

match lighting fireHebrew-English Text

I. Summary

Yahweh will punish Jerusalem for its sins.

II. Photo

Yahweh rouses Jeremiah: “I am putting my words into your mouth as fire, and this people shall be firewood, which it will consume.” (v. 14)

III. Select Verses

1: Roam the streets of Jerusalem, Search its squares, Look about and take note: You will not find a man, There is none who acts justly, Who seeks integrity — That I should pardon her.

7: Why should I forgive you? Your children have forsaken Me And sworn by no-gods. When I fed them their fill, They committed adultery And went trooping to the harlot’s house.

12-13: They have been false to the LORD And said: “It is not so! No trouble shall come upon us, We shall not see sword or famine.  The prophets shall prove mere wind For the Word is not in them; Thus-and-thus shall be done to them!”

15: Lo, I am bringing against you, O House of Israel, A nation from afar — declares the LORD; It is an enduring nation, It is an ancient nation; A nation whose language you do not know — You will not understand what they say.

18: But even in those days — declares the LORD — I will not make an end of you.

21: Hear this, O foolish people, Devoid of intelligence, That have eyes but can’t see, That have ears but can’t hear!

22: Should you not tremble before Me, Who set the sand as a boundary to the sea, As a limit for all time, not to be transgressed? Though its waves toss, they cannot prevail; Though they roar, they cannot pass it.

IV. Outline

1-6. Jeremiah’s rationale for punishment

    1-2. Every Jerusalemite is guilty

    3. They are obstinate

    4-5. Poor and Rich alike are guilty

    6. The wild beast will attack them

7-19. Oracle #1

    7-9. Yahweh will not forgive

    10. Command (to Babylon) to punish

    11. Rationale

    12-13. Quoting the people who do not believe in the prophets

    14. Yahweh empowers Jeremiah

    15-17. A mighty nation (Babylon) approaches

    18. A remnant will remain

    19. Rationale for punishment

20-29. Oracle #2

    20. Command to proclaim

    21. Disparagement to the people

    22. Argument: the people should fear Yahweh who has set a boundary for the sea

    23-24. The people have not revered Yahweh

    25. Sin causes agricultural problems

    26-29. The wicked, wealthy people must be punished

    30-31. False prophets and priests are in charge



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VI. Works Used

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