Aramaic (Targumim)

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Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon Project
This site has Targums Onkelos, Pseudo-Jonathan, and Neofiti, as well as the fragments from the Cairo Genizah and the Samaritan Targum, all with Aramaic words parsed and linked to dictionary entries. To find the targums, click Search the CAL lexical and textual databases → Text Browse → Palestinian Aramaic → then  see "Canonical Jewish Literary Aramaic," "Palestinian Targumic," and "Samaritan Aramaic."
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Mechon Mamre
Pentateuch with Targum Onkelos vowelized according to a Yemenite manuscript. The Targum can be viewed alone or side by side with the biblical text.
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Al Hatorah
Pentateuch with Targums Onkelos and Pseudo-Jonathan and the translation of Etheridge (1862).
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The Samaritan Targum
Samaritan targum published by Adolf Brüll in 1875.
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The Newsletter for Targum and Cognate Studies
A collection of Targum translations in English. For the original public domain books, search "Targum" at